Gina Luke

As a Healer I integrate my ability of connecting with "Spirit" for guidance in connection with your healing, while also supporting you to understand what this will ask of you, encouraging you to trust your own feelings and intuitive ability, thus allowing you to feel truly  empowered in your life..

You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water

Rabindranath Tagore

I offer support and guidance in the following areas:

  • Depression - Anxiety - Fear of the Unknown
  • Grief - Relationship Issues - Poor Body Image
  • Low Self Esteem - Sexual Abuse/Sexual Insecurities

I can support and guide you to:

  • Know yourself more fully and understand your feelings
  • Listen to and trust your intuition
  • Change old patterns and habits
  • Live life openly and with integrity
  • Create abundance in all areas of your life
  • Open to and attract more love in your life

Energy healing

Energy Healing is a hands on healing. This is a deeply nurturing therapy that allows you to connect deeply with your feelings. This therapy can move and heal old and stuck feelings/issues. I often work with your guides and loved ones during the healing. This allows a greater awareness for me to understand what you may need to be attending to inside yourself and your life. My energy combined with the unconditional love of "Spirit" makes this a deeply loving experience that will leave you feeling calm and connected to your soul self and confident to make new choices to support you and your life. 
I offer a deeply loving energy where you will feel safe to connect with your feelings and soul self.

Pascha Therapy

This is a feeling based therapy.  Through connecting with and understanding your feelings you can clearly access your own intuition, inner voice, soul guidance and make clear choices that directly support your life enabling you to trust yourself and your choices.  This will empower you to create the life you always wanted.


Soul guidance/empathy sessions

A soul guidance session will give you peace and guidance on your path in life.  Giving you an elevated perspective of what you struggle with and why.  I will combine my intuition with tuning in and receiving messages and guidance from your guides and loved ones in spirit.  This will enable me to help you find your next steps.  This can be very helpful when you are feeling lost, disconnected or in grief, this can feel like a very real and comforting spiritual rescue.

I have been a practising healer for 10 years. I am an Accredited Pascha therapist.