Lucy Cabot-Saunders

Lucy is an Accredited Pascha Therapist and qualified Pascha Therapist Teacher, voice teacher and also offers soul guidance sessions.

Pascha Therapy

Lucy will support you to:

  • Understand what you feel and why
  • Support you to find and empower your voice through listening to your feelings
  • Support and empower you to express yourself with clarity and confidence

Soul Guidance

In a soul guidance appointment there is an opportunity to connect with loved ones who have passed.

There is also an opportunity to find and connect with your soul purpose; as we connect to those who come in spirit and wish to assist you in your life and learning at this time.

A soul guidance session will also help you gain a deeper meaning and insight into your life bringing greater clarity from a spiritual perspective.

Singing Tuition

"Finding and empowering your voice through singing"

With Lucy you will benefit from 15 years teaching experience and years of training with New Zealand's leading teachers and performers.

This combined with Lucy's intuitive ability allows her to see what is inhibiting your expression. This will allow you to unlock your voice and expression through music and song.

Lucy brings over a decade of teaching experience working with CSM (Christchurch School of Music) students. This includes preparing students for performance.