CDs and Downloads

Order a CD from our catalog of recordings for $20.
Pick up at Pascha or we will post it to you $22 inclusive.
Digital option: mp3 file through Dropbox $10.
Order by contacting the Pascha office.

Our Catalog:

Colour Calendar 2016

Being Your Own guide

Breath Energy Meditation

Current World Change Part 1 and 2

Deep Rest Meditation

Divine Meditation

Divine Dimensions

Dreams and creations

Finding Happiness in a changing World

Insight Meditation

Life before Life and Life After Death

Light Source Energy Healing

The Sensitive Age

Accelerated Awakening

Celestial Being

Inner and Outer Life Balance

A Meeting of Spirit

Creating an Abundant Life

The Power of Prayer

Messages from Your Guides

Children of the Future

Wellness Meditation

Chakra Energy Healing

Help for the Helpers

Conscious Sexuality in the New World

Soul Language

Inner Eye Meditation

Re-Wounding and Healing

Ramans Annual Colour Calendar 2018

Understanding Your Body Wisdom

Creating a Peaceful Mind & Soul

What Your Soul Knows

Heart Wisdom

Healing Your Abundance

Healing Meditation

Raising Your Vibration

Being a Sensitive
Listening to Your Guide

Living in Collective Consciousness

Open Hearted Connections

Open Heart Meditation

Peace Meditation

Rose Meditation

Soul Awakening World Update Part 3

Spiritual Solutions

Teachers of Light

The Healing Space

The Journey to Peace

Universe of Life