Raman’s Loving Wisdom Cards

The Loving Wisdom Cards of Raman Pascha, the Master Khamouri

Raman lovingly extends an invitation to connect through these cards. You may like to choose a card as an expression of energy to work with for the day. Or you may like help with a specific direction

Just click on the rose at the bottom of the page . . The intention of this service is to provide guidance in response to the need of the moment. This guidance is about spiritual growth and self empowerment. Self-referral is encouraged.

Approach this exercise with the intention of receiving clarity in order to respond to a particular issue or feeling.


Tune into what you feel and to what it is that you wish to gain clarity and guidance about. Be as sure as you can be about what you are feeling.

When you are ready, click the rose and one of Raman’s Loving Wisdom Cards will be displayed.
Take the necessary time to allow yourself to follow the guidance and really feel what it has to offer you. It is important to completely engage with your own energy and that of the message. The guidance will ask something of you and will only be as useful as the quality of your engagement with it.

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