From the Heart

  • I have always loved Raman's annual Colour Calendar evenings. For me, it is the marking point for the approaching festive season. In this crazy time of year Raman creates a sacred pocket of time and space to reflect on the year that has been, its challenges and its highlights and to acknowledge within yourself all that has occurred.

    He talks of the year to come, how 2018 is a year of change. If we want to change something in our lives (eg. home or work) the energy will be there to make it happen. Within our consciousness there is the knowledge of what it is we can do to respond, make adjustments and feel our future path. If we listen to this, we can embrace what we can grow and release what no longer supports us.

    What I especially loved about the evening was the way we were encouraged to consider our hopes and dreams we may have for the future. To really take the time to feel what it is we want for the coming year. To allow ourselves the openness of our sometimes vulnerable desires and to feel supported within that is the most precious gift.

    Whether you refer to it religiously or look at it sporadically, Raman's Colour Calendar is such a special way to be guided and supported throughout the year. It invites you to engage with the energy that is present and open to the guidance of the wisdom of your soul. A true gift.

    Vic Steffens
    Vic Steffens
  • The Practical Spiritual Pascha Therapy course is a gentle six month process that guides the opening of one’s heart, like the opening of a flower. During the course I became aware of the subtle personal impact of society’s numerous definitions, musical tributes, and marketing campaigns about Love. For me to open my heart and feel and live with Divine Love is challenging and I found that the course helped me to see where I was defining love in a human way and how this was impacting on my Pascha Therapy Practice, and also on my self-acceptance and self-love.

    Over the six month period of the course I became gently kinder. It wasn’t that I was previously unkind but I started to notice in the workplace, with family, etc that my first reaction to all events was love and compassion for another even when I didn’t agree with the scenario. I spoke up and acted with a greater sense of the bigger picture and learning for all, and because I felt this acceptance and understanding the events had less negative impact on me. It is only on reflection that I realise how profound that change is.

    I highly recommend the Practical Spiritual Pascha Therapy course in order to deepen the opening of one’s own heart and to therefore deepen the love and compassion that can be provided to another during the Pascha Therapy session. During the course Yasmeen frequently ask the question: “what would love do?” As my unfolding took place during the course I found I was answering this question at a deeper and a more divine/spiritual level in relation to working with client needs. The more my heart opened the more I felt my guides in my life, and in my client work also.

    With thanks, Gail Payne
    Gail Payne
    Practical Spiritual Pascha Therapy - a six month course with Yasmeen
  • A message for anyone wishing to receive some healing in their life…

    Yasmeen’s Healing Meditations on fortnightly Thursday mornings are a most loving and grace-full offering available to us at this time when so many of us are finding ourselves in transformational processes of one kind or another.

    Whether you want a gentle, enveloping embrace of sound and sacredness in which to relax and receive, or are committed to a path of healing which will ask you to open to the hardest places within yourself, these meditations will provide you with an exquisitely sensitive, yet potently effective way to bring you an acceleration in the healing you desire. Yasmeen creates a space so filled with beauty and the presence of Spirit that you will feel tended simply by being there. We are blessed to have in her a teacher who is generous enough to draw from her own experience of what it is to suffer and what it takes to heal, as well as from her profound knowledge of Meditation and connection to Spirit and Soul. You can be sure that you are guided and supported by the Love of someone who truly understands your path.

    The shared intention of those who participate in these Meditations amplifies the energy available to respond to your need. Healing is not necessarily an easy process to say Yes to, or to accomplish alone. Having experienced the potency of Yasmeen’s Healing Meditations in the company of others on similar quests, I recommend them most highly to all who genuinely desire real change and growth on the healing path. No matter how deeply you drink, this sacred wellspring always has more to offer.

    In gratitude
    Jane Catherine
    Jane Catherine Severn
    Yasmeens Healing Meditation Group
  • Awakening the Sacred Feminine is a journey of Sacred Sexual and Sensual Self discovery. I became aware of and connected to my own Divine Femine engery. This feels gracious, honouring, empowering and Divinely Beautiful to me. Yasmeen, our beloved teacher, embodies the Divine Goddess energy. She will gently hold, guide and support you, as you become aware of any areas of potential healing. Anything that may have blocked the awakening or expression of your Sacred Feminine in the past, can be healed. This is a truely transformative journey into more of your Sacred Goddess Self. For me, this felt like a warm and loving invitation. I have learnt to understand and embrace my Self anew. If you feel the call to more of your own Divine Sacred Feminine energy, whether you are single or in a relationship, I would encourage you to follow the call and enjoy all that unfolds for you.
    Maureen Bennett
    Awakening the Sacred Feminine
  • I recently completed Raman's six month Relationship course.  I found this course to be truly transformational.  From the very start of the course my life and relationships went through a huge metamorphosis, while this has been at times very distressing I have had no doubt inside of me that these changes were long over due and were without a doubt the right thing for me.  My family dynamics were highlighted with a very bright light so there was no chance of missing or skipping over these much needed changes.  The love and support I felt from Raman during this time was what really allowed me to trust in this process and truly let go of old ways of being loved.  Because of his constant loving presence  in my life during this 6 months I have been able to surrender into a deeply intimate process that was between me and my soul and what my soul really wants for me in my life, feeling my way through this by listening to my soul has enriched me in so many ways.  It has empowered me to really know and trust i am the creator of my life and destiny.  Every area of my  life has been transformed into a life that now feels deeply nurturing  and loving for me in ways i did not know I could have before. By leaving behind the old ways of being and giving love it has allowed a deep transition to take place that is guided by the energy of love/spirit/miracles/Divine feminine.

    Only one day after completing the course I met the love of my life, a beautiful loving man who complements the beautiful loving woman I know I am. I am humbled and blessed to have such two such amazing teachers in my life. My most deepest gratitude and acknowledgements I send to Raman and Yasmeen for this deeply spiritual journey.
    Gina Luke
    Sacred Relationships Course with Raman Pascha
  • I wanted to let you know how much I benefited from the Healing group with Raman.

    I have been working through the layers of my healing process and after the session with Raman, while I felt loved and supported and positive I actually left feeling uncomfortable and this confusion stayed with me for a day or so. My head kept telling me that I hadn't got the answers it wanted, I felt very vulnerable, as Raman said I would. Today I listened to the recording and could really feel the resistance that was sitting with me at the point I had come to when I was at the group. How I fluctuate between my heart and my head. Listening to the recording again also showed me how while I listened to Raman at the group my head was still very present in trying to process everything, even while my heart was open and absorbing.

    Today, I really felt my heart be able to listen to what I was truly being guided to do and able to acknowledge and surrender to this. I could really see my old pattern being played out when I was at the group, how I have previously lived by external measure and though while now I am opening my heart, I have still been fluctuating between.

    Raman has given me a much deeper understanding of my old patterns and the guidance to move even further into my heart and my healing.  He really shone the light on my self confidence which up until now I externally thought was good, I now can see that internally it wasn't and now I can heal this.

    I had left the group on Friday happy but not feeling I got everything I wanted, today I know that I got everything I needed.

    The gift of love and learning Raman gives to us through Yasmeen is simply Divine and I am eternally grateful.
    Liz Walker
    Raman's Healing Group Client
  • I cried and cried. Then when I thought there were no more tears left, I cried some more. But from them came the release of so much I was holding on to. I have experienced lightness and joy in my heart and met the softness in myself that I never knew existed. It has been a year of discovery, learning to start to forgive myself and accept I am worthy of all the wonderful things that this life has to offer. I am gazing forward in wonderment of what new discoveries await me. I have total faith that I am heading in the right direction. It is like a sculptor chipping and chiselling away at a piece of rock, because they can see what is hidden within it. They gently shape and smooth away the rough edges and under their hands the stone comes to life and the beauty is there for all to see. I am both the stone and the sculptor.
    Patria Holmes
    Year One Trainee
  • I signed up for the year one course with the idea that I would do it solely for my own personal development. I was expecting it to be helpful but I had no real idea what a profound impact it would have on me and my life. It has continued, deepened and accelerated the support I have gained from Pascha therapy and energy healing. The year one course is largely responsible for 'fast tracking' the significant emotional and spiritual growth and healing I've experienced this year. I often find myself quietly astonished at the changes in my self and my life in a relatively short period of time. It's my intention to continue with the course and am open now to the possibility of going on to practice in the future.
    Tusiata Avia
    Year One Trainee
  • Year one of the Pascha Therapy Course has been an interesting journey. Not knowing what to expect I descended into a deeper part of my being. Difficult? Yes, for sure. But it was well worth following the path that I was guided into. The Pascha Centre staff provides a very good guidance into a deeper awareness of my emotional world. I never feel pushed or forced into a corner. They have a lot of patience and time to teach you about your intuition. Something I knew I had but forgot how to use it. Let the journey continue!!!
    Paul Sterk
    Year One Trainee
  • How do you begin to express what it means to have your life changed? I came into this course believing that I would be learning new skills that I would practise & hone to support the lives of others, only to find that my life was & still is changing, sometimes dramatically, along the way. I had know idea that this experience was going to effect me as much as it has - but - it did! I'm grateful for the love & support because without this, I possibly would not of found the courage to allow myself to find my journey back home, & through these experiences, is where I am learning to become open, & how to support others. Thank you.
    Kate Clare
    Year One Trainee
  • When I began this years training it was with a feeling of “coming home” and a strong desire to embrace all that lay ahead of me on this inward journey.  I believed that coming to the Pascha Centre was “coming home” only to discover that I was coming home to myself … a place I had always known but long forgotten … I had been home all along. It has been a year of many seasons.  A year of lost love, hopes and dreams and of great sadness and grief.  A year of new beginnings and of changes that I never dreamed of.  There have been days of many tears that seemed to grow into weeks and days of great joy and discoveries.  I have met wounded parts of myself that have been long buried and I have shone light on these places of darkness and reached back with love and tenderness to the little girl who has been so lost. I am learning to open my heart to all that I am and to all that is around me.  I am opening my eyes to the love and beauty that has been within and around me from the beginning … if only I had chosen to see. I have looked fear in the face and offered it love.  I have met with sadness and joy, laughed with gay abandon and wept with the fullness of grief.  My heart has ached so I couldn’t breath and it has pounded with excitement and love.  I have been angry and wild with fear.  I have wounded and been wounded.  I have experienced the full array of human emotion and begun to unveil the trueness of me.  I have never once doubted the path I have chosen. I am learning to let go of all that no longer feeds my soul or nourishes my heart.  I am allowing myself to trust my own knowingness and to let go of the opinions and beliefs of others.  I am choosing what is right for me. I have moved closer to my own innate spirit and am learning to embrace my spirit guides … to leave the fear of this unknown behind, trusting that there is no growth in a perceived safety.  I can no longer deny my spirituality and that we are all one … whether seen or unseen. I have been guided and supported with such beautiful tenderness and love … such as I have never before felt in this lifetime.  I have so much gratitude and love for all the beautiful angels  - human and spirit - at the Pascha Centre and for all my teachers … for the lessons knowingly given and for those teachings from the souls who knew not that they were teaching me.  I have learnt much and have much to learn. I have shared this year’s journey with the most loving, gentle, soulful beings who have all in their own way, by showing a part of themselves, shown me a part of myself that is ready for healing and nurturing.  I have made some beautiful heartfelt friendships along the way and embraced all that has been laid in front of me. I am learning to fly …  I am but a fledgling … I am still growing my wings and that is just as it is meant to be. x
    Stephanie Berry
    Year One Trainee
  • Faith and trust in my Self are the two big growth words for my training in Year Two.  It is not an easy year, or, in my case, perhaps a year of clear clarity, but if you are willing to say yes to your growth and consciously be open to, and gentle with, your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they may be, then your growth and healing will accelerate.  You really feel your needs, rather than simply know them, and what supports you and what does not.  Your confidence will increase, your resistance lessen.  Know that the Universe will always back you in your growth, and cradle you if you stumble.  The fulfilment or potential of one’s soul journey is broadened and accentuated.  Bring on Year Three!
    Anthony Patete
    Year Two Trainee
  • I am so grateful for the training as I consider the expansion it has brought to my life and acknowledge how there is no longer room to ponder not living life in this way.  Though there have been challenges there has never once been any lack of support or loving guidance towards the next steps for my growth. I feel so confident about this method of Therapy and know first hand the gift of self you'll receive from it as your fears ease and your heart opens to love.  The community at the Pascha Centre provides such an inspiring platform for the possibilities of all that you can create in your life.  Come to know yourself as you share your struggles and achievements with others who hold so much love and compassion for this journey assisting you to be who you truly are!
    Louise Bunt
    Year Two Trainee
  • My second year of Pascha training has not only been a natural evolution from the important growth I experienced during year one but it has enriched my personal life. I find myself in a space that enables me to hold both myself and the clients I work with. Simply put I am starting to feel and thus experience the Pascha way of being. I encourage all Year One students to seriously consider continuing on with their training; as much as for their professional development as for the gifts it brings to the self. As before, I have to mention my class mates, Jonathan and Janet whom make this unique experience something I am able to share from the heart and with my heart .Love to you all.
    Ann Marie Holland
    Year Two Trainee
  • Belief and trust can make things happen in your life. "How can that be?", I wondered. I had imagined things, planned things and therefore, I thought, they should come to pass. More often than not, they hadn't.  Over the three years of my training to become a Pascha Therapist, I had heard Yasmeen talk many times of how she manifested things in her life.  I thought, "I can do that too", yet it still didn't happen in the way I wanted and needed it to in my life.  Yes, I made some changes in the things I had day to day control over, such as routines, meditating and so on.  However, there were two major areas of my life that more than anything I wanted to change.  They involved a relationship and therefore a major upheaval in my living circumstances, and setting up a successful practice as a Pascha Therapist.  Because I was unable to see or imagine the end result, everything I tried was only partially successful. You see, I stayed in my head and my head was full of fear.  I was more afraid of letting go of what was not working than I was of opening to what I truly want.

    The Intuitive Creation course taught me to believe and trust with all my heart that what I want and need can be manifested.  A deep connection to Spirit and the Divine, a willingness to move forward without knowing the destination, and listening to your intuitive self are the means to do this.  Yasmeen helped me to reach a place where I dared to dream, and not to put limits on the dream. She taught me how to put sound and colour to it, to see myself as the person I want to be - how I will act, how I will look, what people will see in me, what I bring to my life, and to the world around me.

    As a result of the course, I have clients ringing me, the changes in my personal life are beginning to unfold and - guess what - I even manifested the majority of the fee for the course!

    The support of others in the class was amazing and wholehearted.  We were privileged and blessed to have Yasmeen as our teacher, and Kevin there to support us in so many ways.  If you have the opportunity to undertake this course, I would encourage you to do so. Embrace what you learn and it will change your life.
    Theresa Evans
    Pascha Therapist, Testimonial for Intuitive Creation Course
  • Hello Jonathan: I was wondering if you could pass on to Yasmeen and Raman that Ive been using the BALANCE feeling spray for my 6 year old son, Noah. He suffers from tremendous anxiety and has a VERY difficult time falling and staying asleep due to fear of being alone. I have been giving him the feeling spray before bedtime.....He  now asks for " feeling" spray before bedtime and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I give it to him. He receives great comfort from it and I wanted to  "DEEPLY" Thank you for helping him  fall asleep peacefully!!!!   Love Leanne and Noah!!!
    Leanne Dunnage
    Mother and Pascha Therapy Trainee - Year One
  • The unfailing love, guidance, support and encouragement I have had from Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan for over nine years has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing upon my life. What they have given me is myself.
    WendyAnn Murphy
    Practitioner in Massage, Reiki and Shamanic Healing and Counsellor
  • Dear Yasmeen and Raman, Thank you so very much for a truly inspiring evening last night.  Your teaching on Sacred Relationships and our spiritual guides was so full of love and helpful information. I'm not quite certain whether it has been my own resistance or of my holding the belief that I wasn't worthy of a guide's presence and assistance that has kept me from feeling or sensing that love and support.  But last night, for the first time in my life I felt the presence of a guide being with me and joining their energy with mine.  It is hard to find the words to convey just how transformative that was for me.  So I send you both my heartfelt gratitude for the gift of love and spirit you have given me.
    Gwen Boyd
    Pascha Therapy Trainee - Year One
  • Conversation with Raman was a truly revealing and liberating experience. Raman speaks to the soul and there is no questioning of the truth and wisdom he imparts to guide you in understanding yourself and what you seek. Raman's support has given me clarity and empowered me to move forward in all areas of my life without anxiety and fear.

    Working with Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan is a continuous process of understanding and growing into who you really are and sharing that with others.

    I believe anyone who is seeking truth and understanding about themselves and their lives would greatly benefit.
    Tuyet Nguyen
  • Being a professional sportsman certainly has its positives but it also has its drawbacks. Self confidence is an important part of sporting life and this is one aspect of my life that I was lacking. Until I meet Jonathan from Intuitive Therapies, I had no way of controlling the emotional rollercoaster affecting my life. With Jonathan’s help, I worked on ways to deal with the emotions that built up, learning recognise the feelings internally and understanding their reasons for forming. Jonathan helped me learn to deal with them rather than push them away and ignore them. This has helped me confront many of the issues both in sporting and everyday life situations that I would have normally shied away from.

    I still work with Jonathan on a regular basis, to reinforce the immense benefits that I have gained. I am now no longer anxious to try new things and if the feeling of low self-confidence forms, I have a very positive and confident way in which to deal with it.
    David Hewett
    Retired Professional Rugby Player
  • Since 1996 I have attended both group meetings and individual sessions with Raman, through Yasmeen, and during this time have received the most loving, gentle and challenging attention I have ever known.

    While offering his loving support, Raman has always encouraged me to think for myself and make my own decisions. His challenges enable me to move forward without fear.

    The unconditional love that flows from Raman, through Yasmeen has changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined. Whatever issue I am dealing with, I come away feeling loved and respected, and with a new perspective on my life.

    I am happy to recommend Raman and Yasmeen unreservedly for personal, business and spiritual consultations.
    Judith Challies
  • We have been working with Raman for a number of years and throughout this time he has lovingly supported and guided us on matters of personal and spiritual growth, relationship and business issues. He lovingly encourages and gently guides us on our soul's journey and growth.

    We feel humbled yet privileged to be able to share in the wisdom and knowledge of an Enlightened Spiritual Master such as Raman. We regularly acknowledge with enormous gratitude, the ever supportive loving guidance that Raman has given us.

    Our gratitude also extends to Yasmeen, without whom we could not converse as we do with Raman. Our very best wishes for every success in sharing Raman's wisdom and love with other people throughout the world.
    Liz and Graham Wilkinson
  • …whatever we write down will never adequately describe the enormous benefits we have received and continue to receive from both of you.

    We are a successful professional couple who operate a number of national and international businesses from our offices in Christchurch, New Zealand. Both Raman and Yasmeen, in their separate ways, have assisted us beyond measure during the past six years to better understand ourselves, our place in this universe, and our personal and business relationships. Their impact has been enormous, not only on ourselves but through the ripple effect also on the people that work for us and our business associates.

    Our life today would be but a shadow of what it actually is without the input of each of them and for that will forever be eternally grateful. We wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Raman and Yasmeen to each and everyone who is even remotely interested in understanding themselves better, their relationships and their place in the universe.
    Martyn and Marion Rix
    Company Directors
  • Through Jonathan's and Raman's help and support, I now know and understand my emotions and feelings. They've taught me the need for balance and how to achieve this in my busy life.

    Jonathan and Raman have helped me understand who I am an what my purpose is in this life.

    My relationship and communication with my wife, children and colleagues has been taken to a level I once thought was not possible.

    From a business perspective Jonathan and Raman have helped me relate to and support my employees and clients.

    I have recommended Yasmeen, Jonathan and Raman to many of my friends who have also had this amazing life-changing experience and I will continue to recommend and support their work.
    Mark Hammett
    Professional Rugby Coach and Business Owner
  • I met Jonathan Spark in 2002. He has changed my life forever. You would have to stand in front of me and look me in the eye as I express how grateful I am, to get the full impact he has had on my life. Words on a piece of paper cannot do it justice.

    Jonathan possesses grounding, supportive loving energy (which) in its constancy provided a solid platform for me to hold on to in time of need. In these times he taught me how to listen and support my own feelings.

    His intuitive abilities planted seeds in my subconscious that I still process and understand on different levels to this day.

    I was a man that was living in my own shadow, experiencing underlying feelings of fear and insecurities without being aware of them. With Jonathan's guidance we were able to bring these feelings to the surface to be clearly understood for me to work with and make more positive choices in my life.

    He taught me that fear and insecurity was a gift to strengthen and deepen my own love and was not mine to hold on to. With Jonathan's unconditional love and support this enabled me to find and free my own heart, (and) for this I will be eternally grateful.
    Norman Maxwell
    Retired Professional Rugby Player
  • I have known and been a client of Yasmeen Clark, Jonathan Spark and Raman since 1995.

    These nine years have been a time of intense change and growth in my life including marriage separation, career changes, new business opportunities (not all successful) and the unfolding of wonderful new relationships and friendships, especially with my new partner.

    During this time the love, guidance and unconditional support offered by Yasmeen, Jonathan and Raman has been the most important and consistent aspect of maintaining my health and well-being. The depth and insightfulness of the guidance offered is in my experience unparalleled by others in the field I have visited or studied.

    I am presently studying to be an Intuitive Therapist on the course being taught by Yasmeen. I continue to be impressed by the content, depth and presentation of the course. I especially value the fact that both Yasmeen and Jonathan live what they teach. It is reflected in their passion for the subject, their success in their personal and professional life and the sheer joy of being in their presence.

    I without hesitation recommend Yasmeen, Jonathan and the loving presence of Raman for guidance and support in any area of your personal or professional life.
    Kevin Withell
  • I have been blessed for some years now with the astounding privilege of sitting in the presence of Raman, made available to us by Yasmeen, in group teachings, personal interviews and professional mentoring. Even so I can barely believe that such a thing is truly possible. Receiving direct and personalised divine love and attention is an experience so profound as to be beyond the reach of words to describe. Learning from Raman is transformative in the way that taking a blindfold off our eyes is transformative. Raman opens up such an expanded and enhanced perspective, allowing us to see our human lives in the context of divine and universal purpose, that personal and global events and struggles become meaningful and comprehensible in ways we could never access on our own. Fear, confusion and powerlessness recede; love, trust, compassion and insight become the tools; growth in personal development, relationships and professional effectiveness are wondrously accelerated. Life does not become easy, but it is radically reconfigured. We are genuinely "inspired", as we learn to let spirit into our lives.

    Yasmeen and Jonathan offer the presence of Raman, and many, many other gifts and opportunities, with such warmth and grace, such unstinting generosity, such attention to beauty and detail that the whole experience is one of lavishment, of immersion in the radiance of Love Itself. My amazement, and my gratitude to Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan are inexpressible and boundless.
    Jane Catherine Severn
    Counsellor and Psychotherapist
  • I am a professional educator, trainer, coach and counsellor based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I specialise in the areas of teacher/tutor training, communication skills and emotional intelligence. The latter is a leading edge area in adults' training which integrates personal and professional development.

    I have been consulting regularly with Raman Pascha through Yasmeen Clarke since April 2000. During these four years I have grown significantly both personally and professionally as a direct result of my contact with Raman and his wonderful guidance. It is also important to add that this would not be possible without the selfless service that Yasmeen provides as a channel for Raman's loving wisdom.

    It is through my personal growth that I have grown professionally, as the latter stems from my self-worth and self-confidence. I recognise that my competence as a trainer for educators and coach/counsellor for other professionals depends upon my personal mental and emotional clarity. The benefits I have gained from my interaction with Raman and Yasmeen are that I have developed much greater clarity of mind, emotional equanimity and positive purpose.

    I would describe my experience of being with Raman as extraordinary, humbling, empowering and enlightening. His manner is unfailingly supportive, loving, compassionate and patient.

    This remarkable gift always leaves me feeling profoundly blessed, deeply appreciative and confident in my abilities to achieve my goals and desires. It is as if I have been with a very good friend.

    I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Raman to anyone seeking clarity and deeper understanding on any aspect of health and wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, relationship and spiritual) as well as career and life direction.

    I have also had regular contact with Jonathan Spark over this time and found him to be similarly open, personally supportive and professional in his relationship with me.

    I am very happy to be contacted personally for further elaboration.
    Dharan Longley
  • In working with Raman over these last nine years one of the most valuble things I have learnt and received the most help from, is the ability to be very specific in how I ask the questions.

    Raman has been able to give me direct guidance of a particular nature for each situation. For instance, I have been able to heal certain issues that have been with me for possibly lifetimes.It has allowed me to move forward and change so that now I feel more courageous and free.This feels amazing and wonderful!

    It is with much gratitude and love to Raman and to Yasmeen, who both make it possible for this process to happen, that I thank you!
    Paula Feather