Yasmeen Clark

Yasmeen is a deeply gifted spiritual teacher and guide who has been supporting, teaching and guiding others since 1986. She has a profound connection with Spirit which she has been supported by and guided from her whole life. Along with Yasmeens lifelong commitment and work with Raman she is constantly developing ways to help others discover their truth and open to the true power and purpose of listening to their Intuition.

Yasmeen is bringing a new way of caring and therapy into the world, in the form of Pascha Therapy, one which truly empowers those who feel ready to take steps along the path of self awareness, through learning the power of listening to their feelings.

In essence Pascha - Nourishing Body & Soul exists because of her and her beloved teacher and yet Yasmeen has dedicated her life to helping others find what in many ways has always been natural to her.

Yasmeen's current roles include being Raman's only vessel for communication, Director of Pascha Therapies Ltd, President of the NZAIPT, principle teacher of Pascha Therapy Training, running regular classes on personal and spiritual development and directing the overall development and growth of the Pascha- Nourishing Body & Soul. Yasmeen is also spending increased amounts of time writing.

Yasmeen has over 25 years experience guiding people to listen to themselves, discover their own answers, and bringing Spiritual support to their life journey. If you would like perceptive spiritual support in the company of your guides, an appointment with Yasmeen will increase your experience of their loving support.

Yasmeen also offers supervision appointments for Pascha Therapist Trainees and Graduate NZAIPT members. Yasmeen also offers appointment with herself and Raman, and one on one appointments with Raman.

To book an appoinment with Yasmeen please call Amanda at Pascha - Nourishing Body & Soul.

Yasmeen and Raman sessions cost $150 and last approximately 1 hour. Appointments with one on one with Raman cost $198 and last 1 hour. Recordings also available for both.