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An archive of retreats from 2015 and 2016 hosted by Raman Pascha, Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark.

Gods and Goddesses retreat with Raman Pascha

Hosted by Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark

April 6th - 12th 2015 Ubud, Bali

On the island of Gods and Goddesses, Raman guided a wonderful retreat nurturing attendees to feel and embrace the Divine Man and Woman within us. A learning process to use this part of themselves to empower their life and love in life. Many found this retreat transforming and healing and returned glowing. This retreat was held in the beautiful warm and green Gaia Retreat in Ubud, Bali.

Jonathan's Review

Gods and Goddesses Retreat Ubud, Bali

April 2015

Retreats with Raman really are one of the great joys of my life. A time that not only do Yasmeen and I get to be immersed in the energy of love in another part of the world, but we get to share this with loving and open hearted souls who have come to grow, open and discover.

This Retreat was blessed with many, many special moments. From the simple joy of scootering around together in the Bali warmth, feeling the elements and smelling the smells, to being surrounded by the presence of the Gods in the form of rolling thunder and torrential rain.

Our Villa was magic, held in the loving energy of its owner Glenn Adams and it's divine manager Dwi, who went above and beyond to take care of us. We ate food made with love, fresh and clean food that fed you heart and Soul.

The pool was a gift and Yasmeen and I would regularly start the day with a swim before I would teach a Yoga class that would flow onto a meditation session with Yasmeen all before breakfast.

Raman showered us in Love, building the bridge between our world and that of the Gods and Goddess, bringing their presence into our lives in such solid and tangible ways. They sat with us and gently awoke the truth inside of each one of us. The truth that quite naturally led you to hearing the word come out of your mouth, ‘I am a God/Goddess.’ Not any self-proclaiming grandiose claim of wonderment, just a simple egoless recognition of the inescapable truth. The God is within me, God is around me, the God and Goddess so clearly sat in front of me when I looked into the eyes of those with us, so why would I, in this grand plan of love, be the only one separate to this Divine force? The answer is of course I am not, for that would simply be impossible.

Raman opened us to the parts of ourselves that we knew no longer served this higher frequency and through beautiful and gentle ritual we burnt the old, offered prayers for the new, then birthed, blessed and reborn through the sacred waters into this new choice of being ourselves. Living form this truth and connection.

Of course the echoes of patterns and beliefs of the past always ripple in the atmosphere of our mind. But the ritual, the depth of connection and of course Raman’s love has made it so much easier to turn to the new sense of Self, to the God or Goddess within and let the doubt and questioning of the mind drift off like the echo it really is.

Some of the highlights for Yasmeen and I was connecting with Ajeet Kuar and chanting with Maneesh de Moor. We met wonderful awake Souls who are really connected to this new wave of energy embracing the planet.

Ubud is a magnet for transformation and change, Raman explained that one of the reasons it has been a point of pilgrimage and creativity for generations is because of a huge ruby gem stone buried deep under the mountain that amplifies the energy of change and transformation.

It reminded us at times at how spiritually conservative we can be in New Zealand, not celebrating the Divine or our connection to each other and love very comfortably. But it is also very reassuring to know how many are working and awakening to this new consciousness in the world.

Raman and Yasmeen have been welcomed with open arms by the Ubdian community and we are looking forward to our return. Keep an eye out for information of our next flyer.

I want to thank the wonderful people who joined us, you were a treat and pleasure to support, handling your changes and transformations with grace and dignity even if at times they stretched and tested you leaving you quite literally flat on your backs.

I want to thank my extraordinary wife for her commitment to the service of humanity and to the Divine and to of course my teacher and friend Raman Pascha who held us with such care and love, it lit up the hearts and faces of all who attended.

Love Jonathan

Tim Withell's Review

Bali Retreat Review: Transformative and Incredibly Healing
(Alternatively titled: S#!t, now I have to build a new life!)

I have been sitting at home for the last day, really taking it easy and letting the dust settle inside after such a wonderful and powerful experience in Bali. It has been one of those experiences that has left me feeling incredibly energised, incredibly powerful, and once again like my true life is only just beginning.

The first thing that I have noticed about myself upon returning home is how very much deeper my sense of spirituality and connection is. Both to myself, but to others, to music, mantra, chanting, and such a desire to express this. I spent the first half hour upon returning home unpacking my bags and building something of an altar, while humming along to Krishna Das. I’m feeling the depth and sacredness of this connection, and it has all the more highlighted how special and rare this path is, and how different and almost alien the outside world feels now. It has become the place I turn to first, and I’m expecting my life to reflect this reasonably quickly in the future.
I can already hear my mind going “Oh good! New car, new job, possibly new flat, I’d like this, this, this, that, and these other couple of things dealt to as quickly as possible…” as I feel this excitement and opportunity, and yes, all these things will change in time, but the biggest change I’ve expensed is where I live my life from. Letting my heart be the guide, staying open, trusting, and feeling life flow as easily as if I was flying down the side of a volcano on a bicycle with no brakes! The learning from here forward will be the balance. When I decide want something in life I tend to go after it like a dog after a big juicy bone, and I can already feel that happening somewhat with the practical things. I’m doing my best to keep this in check though, as what this retreat has opened me to is the energy of life, and staying very open to letting it come naturally. Trusting you will be met with love, and the practical will be taken care of. (It never happens as fast as the mind wants it to!)

My experience of Bali itself was one of wonder and amazement. Such a vastly different and overwhelming culture to get used to when first experiencing it from the outside. I found myself in dinner the first night sitting there giggling to myself about the fact I was actually there, and how delightful and overwhelming it all was (granted I had been awake for 21 hours!). You can really easily drop into the Balinese flow of things. The phrase “Oh, we’re on Bali time!” grew popular as everybody just went with this flow. This is most present in the way they do traffic. I saw a couple of police officers standing on street corners trying to direct things but everybody just did what they were doing anyway. It’s stressful to someone who clings tightly to road rules and security, but great fun for those on scooters who understand that if they take the gap they will be accommodated. A wonderful metaphor for life it seems.
I had lots of fun out and about wandering the streets of Ubud, going out for dinner, stopping for drinks at different places, and had one major shopping trip with the girls where I really got to know the part of me that is patient. It was a delight to immerse myself in the culture and the Balinese people are all so friendly and delightful. They take every opportunity, but a strong clear “No” is always respected. It was quite the novelty to see stray dogs and chickens wandering the street amongst the people.

The impact of the actual “retreat” part of the trip was far greater than I had anticipated, especially on the physical level. I found myself falling ill on the morning of the first day of the retreat and was praying to the porcelain for most of Monday. For the next couple of days I was having intense flashes of hot and cold (which Raman explained at one point was the hot and cold, masculine and feminine energies coming together inside of me) and felt like jumping in the pool one minute to curling up under 5 blankets the next. Almost sweating and shivering at the same time. Thankfully this eased on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and I have never been so thrilled to have breakfast in my life. This intensity continued in other ways in the second half of the week as we performed activities to physically express what was changing inside of us. We had a traditional Balinese fire ceremony where we wrote what we wanted to receive in life on one side of a piece of wood, and what we wanted to let go of and offer up to the gods on the other. (Some of us had enough to fill a sheet of paper as well which I think the Balinese found quite interesting). This was incredibly profound and moving as all of the parts of life that no longer served us literally went up in smoke. A great release. The morning after this amazing evening we all dressed up in our sarongs again and headed out to one of the sacred temples of cleansing waters. We put our togs on underneath our traditional dress and one by one, drank three times from each of the 12 fountains and washed ourselves clean. An incredibly purifying and humbling experience. After a beautiful lunch provided by the staff of Villa Gaia, we piled back in the vans and headed down to the temple of the great mother to really ground this brand new “reborn” self that we were all discovering.
To top it all off, on Saturday afternoon we all rode bikes down the side of an incredibly large volcano to really feel the flow of life and the ease and pleasure that living in this energy can bring.
Once I got over the fact that my back brake was completely worn down to the metal, the chain came off if I changed my gears up too high, and that my handlebars were slipping and the plastic covers came off them, I had an amazing time! We saw so much amazing scenery, waved and said hello to so many cheerful kids in the villages and went so much faster than the tour guides wanted us to. We really captured the feeling of flying and it felt so damn good that even after 25KM and several hours we didn’t want to stop.

Before I wrap this up I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to all who made this possible.
First and foremost, Yasmeen, Raman, and Jonathan. My teachers, my guides. My eternal gratitude goes to you for making all this possible, for holding this love, and for giving so much to all of us, not just this week but every week for as long as I can remember.
Thank you never seems like enough.
Next, to those Gods and Goddesses who I had the privilege of sharing this week with and sitting next to on this journey. I feel I have gained such a deep friendship with all of you. Thank you for the support during my rough first couple of days, your care and your support all meant so much, and thank you for being yourselves. I have made such special new friends, and so powerfully deepened the connection to those I already knew, and I treasure that very dearly. Thank you all you beautiful, wonderful, lovely people. It has been such a pleasure seeing the changes in you all as you transformed into the Gods and Goddesses you truly are, and so incredibly healing to be a part of a group this intimately. A very very special connection.
And finally to those gods and goddesses who supported this in worlds and dimensions beyond what we can see. You have been very clear guides and wonderful support to all of us through this, and continue to be in life to come. Thank you.

In the last few hours of Sunday before flying home I had several powerful quiet moments of giving thanks at the Gaia Retreat. In my room and bathroom, for the space to rest and be held (I know me and the toilet got off to the wrong start on Monday, but we’re cool now!), in the pool for the wonderful clear and refreshing water, for the environment, the wonderful view and the connection to nature, the sounds of animals, insects, the breeze, and especially for the beautiful central space we were held in and were able to be so vulnerable and so connected in. A space that was beautifully healing and supportive, maintained by staff who were incredibly lovely and sweet.

This experience will stay with me forever and what I have gained from it will be instrumental in moving my life forward from now on. For that I am eternally grateful.

Attendee Testimonials

Gods and Goddesses Retreat Reviews 2015

- Amazing healing and nurturing 7 days with loving people and great teachers - Yasmeen, Jonathan and Raman. He still surprises me every time. Thank you very much to all of you. I feel very grateful and blessed. Anna Fabbri

- I feel very blessed to be here in Bali at the Gaia retreat with all these special Souls. To have Raman and Yasmeen as our teachers is very special. Thank you so much for everything and all the love I have received. Jackie

- Didn’t really know what to expect, I just felt from the start that I had to go on this trip. Glad I listened to that intuition. It has been truly healing. I found the whole process painful at times and became a little doubtful. I realise now it’s what has been needed. I thank you both so much for the generosity with your wisdom and love. Vicky.

- This retreat has literally changed my life so very much. Similar to the training but in a different way. It is truly amazing how such a short time can changed literally every aspect of your life as you embody this god and open to the divine. Thank you all so very very much. Love Tim.

- Dear Raman, Yasmeen and Jonathan. Blessing, love, gratitude, words can’t express the feelings in my heart to you all for sharing this retreat experience with me. This work that you do is truly divine and such a gift. Thank you. Please allow me to support you all in any way I can as its my wish with all my heart to do so. Hope to see you soon in Melbourne or wherever. Jai Guru Dev. Gitanjali, Lots of love always.

- Dear Raman, Yasmeen and Jono. Thank you for everything you do and having me here on this retreat. I really do have the best job in the world!! I feel so very blessed to be here and send all my love and gratitude to you all. This has been so very healing for me and has really showed me the goddess within myself and to embrace this! Business wise this has also been awesome, it has given me a lot of insight into what goes on and how/where I can support you. I look forward to many great times ahead with you. I feel so privileged to work alongside with you all. Thank you all so much. Lots of love,
Amanda xxx

- Dear Team. Thank you Yasmeen for all that you bring. I am truly grateful to have you in my life and have loved our time together here in Bali. Jonathan – thank you for all that you are and all that you bring to support of beautiful Yasmeen. I acknowledge your love, devotion and service to both Yasmeen and Raman. I find your love for your goddess and your teacher beautiful and touching and too Raman…my beloved teacher and friend endless gratitude and love always. Xox Lucy

- Dearest Yas, Jono and Raman. Thank you so much for all your love and support over the last few months, even before the retreat…Yas and Jono – You are a beautiful couple whose generously share your love, wisdom and divinity. Raman – So grateful and blessed to have you in my life and encouraging this healing to occur.
Vicky xxx

- Dear Yas and Jono. What a beautiful week you have given me and I feel very blessed to have you both in my life and given me the chance to be on this retreat. I have you both very much thankful for everything. Big hugs and kisses. Jax xxx

- Dear Yasmeen, Jonathan and Raman, Thank you for bringing us to Villa Gaia, for what has been truly a healing retreat in every way. Kate and I were particularly spoiled to have the garden suite, which was perfect for our needs. With much Aroha and Gratitude, Rob.

- Dear Yasmeen, Jonathan and Raman. Thank you for making this a very special time of healing and transformation. Thank you for all your love and wonderful gifts. Love Kate.

- Many thanks Jono and Yasmeen for a wonderful week of great teaching and smooth organisation. As always Yas, I highly value what you are able to do for those of us wise enough to benefit from your heart – Felt love for your work and clients. Thanks Jono for holding the nuts and bolts together! Hugs,

Pura Tirta Empul Holy Spring

Journey of the Soul,
Sacred Meditation Retreat

With Raman Pascha - The Master Khamouri, Supported by Yasmeen Clark and Jonathan Spark

January 8th - 11th 2016 at the Pascha Health & Healing Retreat

When Raman is present, meditation takes on a sacred energy that grows and expands our consciousness. At this retreat, nature and birdsong accompanied the various practiced meditations to personally support each individual, to deepen their experience of their self as a soul. Participants emerged from this retreat with loving clarity to support their year ahead.

Jonathan Spark's Review

Journey of the Soul Meditation Retreat with Raman Pascha Reviewed by Jonathan Spark.

This summer Yasmeen and I got to enjoy running a deep and moving Meditation retreat with Raman at our own Pascha Health and Healing Retreat.

This long weekend was an intense compression of a meditation experience for all those who attended. Intense but so gentle. In Ramans loving way he guided us into the energy, the stillness and the space within and kept us there for the whole weekend. Giving us all a chance to fill up and feel deeply the love and energy of spirit that we are part of. Even meeting us in our sleep and awakening with us in the morning. This journey inward is not without its roadblocks and stumbles as some found, the mind wrestles with not being in control and at times fairly panics with not having to ‘do’ anything. But this is both the challenge and the reward of the meditation journey and practice. It is the practice that keeps this openness and connection to this space of consciousness that is not only our birth right but is also the place of wonder and potential, where all our life’s dreams can grow from.

It was a deep pleasure to share this space with all of you who joined us and the love and care in which you held each other is always humbling. The retreat space itself is such a peaceful and nurturing space, it holds its own magic after all these years of energy and love being put into the property.

But there were a couple of serious highlights outside of our time with Raman.

One being the gift that Aarti Jadu and Matt Coldrick gave us with a live concert of Bhajans from their upcoming album they have been finishing here at the Pascha Health and Healing retreat. My God does this young woman have the most amazing voice and Matt is such a skilled guitarist. A mystical fusion filling or senses.

The other being the food and nourishment we were all held with by Savahna and Baptiste, the Retreat management and yes my daughter. The food was really something else. Made with such love and care it fed us heart and soul and became such an important part of the days experience as we gathered together to share in such divinely created offerings. Thank you, Thank you.

A retreat experience with Raman is something I highly recommend for everyone to experience, here or overseas. It will touch your heart and fill you up and have you building connections of love with all those who join you.

Thank once again Yasmeen for the service of love you bring, it touches all who walk beside you for a moment in time.

Love Jonathan

Attendee Testimonials

Once again, a very big thank you for all you do to bring us such an amazing experience. I have felt such big shifts at your retreats, but always feel loved and held along the way. Thanks to Sav and Bat for the amazing food too - it was delicious and made with such love!
Love Vic xxx

A beautiful learning, giving experience attending this retreat. ESPECIALLY THE FOOD WHICH WAS AMAZEBALLS!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to be myself. Big thanks for the food Sav and Bat. xoxo

May the manifold graces and blessings that radiate from this house and garden infuse those who create them and dispense them with such generosity.
A thousand thank-you's for the countless details of beauty throughout the whole retreat and for the overall offering of abundance. xx
I have received more in these 4 days than I would have expected in 4 years.
Savahna and Baptiste - your food is the most radiant, delicious, nourishing and beautifully presented I have ever encountered - just astounding. It is the greatest gift to be served in such a gracious way - also with the fire hot tub and general ambiance of the place. Much love and many good wishes to you both. xx
-Jane Catherine Severn

Thank you Yas & Jono for this wonderful retreat & Sav & Bat for the delicious food, it was amazing. :) <3

What a wonderful weekend. The hospitality was amazing. It's a credit to you all xxx

A truly blessed experience supported by the most loving and supportive souls. The food was absolutely divine.

Divine Soul Retreat with Raman Pascha

April 4th - 10th 2016
Villa Gaia Retreat, Ubud, Bali

The Divine Soul Retreat by all reports was an extraordinary retreat, with the divine presence of Raman Pascha and held by the patron energy of the great Ganesha. Once again Villa Gaia and Her staff provided extraordinary hospitality and service giving all participants an opportunity to relax, recover and let go into the arms of their own divine soul.

Jonathan's Review

Our retreats with Raman are such a true pleasure to create and hold, it is an area of our working lives where Yasmeen and I look at each other and know this is exactly where we belong right now!

This Aprils retreat followed on from the fabulously alive and uplifting Bali Spirit festival. An event that brings hundreds of teachers and musicians together from around the world to celebrate the new consciousness and an awakening to unity.

On more than one evening Yasmeen and I danced ourselves sore getting to join in with a sacred cacao ceremony for one event and being entranced on the closing night by Deya Dova with her mystical dance, enveloping music and costumes and Nakho and Medicine for the people, a musician who builds bridges between peoples.

Ubud is a magical place of smiling Balinese, a symphony of scooters, human and animal life that stimulates the senses and shakes the bones out of our more rule and ridged based western life. More than once Yasmeen was convinced I ran right into the drum size potholes on the road on purpose. But sometimes it was the choice of that or violently swerving to miss a sleeping dog beside the pot hole. Only one choice really.

But none the less we had blessed moments in the evening air scooting around a town we now know so well. Happy in the simplicity of an Ubud scooter moment.

Personally we experienced some deeply spiritual and magical moments in Ubud this trip, some under the sacredwaters coming out of the sacred mountain, others in the company of an increasing international family that we feel lovingly connected to.

Raman touched the hearts and Souls of many with two public classes and a week of private sessions. The reflection that touched us in turn was how many people, all experienced spiritual seekers expressed how their time with Raman was truly special and unique in their journey of self-discovery.

In a world of spiritual hunger and often intense accelerated spiritual experience it seems the gentle, clear and solid foundation Raman lays and encourages us to work with step by step is one that in the end many come to value.

The Divine Soul

The retreat itself was a gift, once again Dwi who manages Villa Gaia and his staff where outstanding in their care and kindness, this year we also had the pleasure of Glenn Philip the owner of Gaia joining us.

The retreat was at capacity and everyone connected and shared, loved and laughed in a beautiful spirit of support. On retreat one often feels the words rise up inside, ‘this is how life really can be’! We had one guest who jumped in the deep end, having never met Raman before, and he loved it as we loved his gentle presence and company, thank you Nick, you are a beautiful man. We had as many men as women on this retreat which was a rare pleasure for all. Even noted by the management how they are so used to more women than men saying yes to this kind of work and growth.

Our days started in the early morning nature orchestra of Ubud, waking up to yoga with me then divinely beautiful meditations with Yasmeen which were hard to leave, before a routine of delicious breakfast before drifting into a morning of love, guidance and inner traveling with Raman.

These periods in his company Raman guided us deeper and deeper into the Divine Soul, the energy within that is always present for us but our busy lives and rushing heads so often deny us. Day by day he held us and encouraged us, answering our questions and loving us into love, into our Selves and into the Divine. We were treated to stories of his journey and he gave us ancient Magi practices to bring into our own lives to support our connection to ourselves and to the All.

The Great God Ganesh was the patron of our Retreat and by a pleasant coincidence he is also the patron of Villa Gaia. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and the one to carry us through life at times, while exposing the illusion of our fears and projections. But what we were treated to along with the sense of his incredible compassionate energy was the understanding that like all gods he was once also a man, a man who’s love and compassion for the elephant, a man whose absolute blending with the elephant energy meant that his consciousness merged with the Elephant consciousness, this is why he is presented as an Elephant with arms or at times a man with an elephants head.

With this in mind we made a journey to an Elephant Sanctuary, a place where 31 elephants now live a life free from the logging trade and all the pressures that come with it. Yes they spend their days entertaining us humans, carrying them around the lands, swimming with them. But what was clear was how much each mahout loved their elephants, a commitment that lasts a lifetime. In the presence of these amazing creatures you simply feel pure love and compassion along with deep, deep patience, while seemingly being in the moment, a lesson for us all.

The Divine Soul within is our total self, us the energy that simply is us. Simply present in our life, yet so hard to trust and connect to when the mind is in charge and ruling our life. Giving yourself time away from the life you have created as ‘yours’ creates a freedom and space that retreats can only offer. A world within the world, and during retreat it becomes so clear how much this inner world is the one we crave and the one that fills us with the energy and clarity to create our life more richly.

Some special moments included having our friends Franko and Lis from Gaya Tree, a New Zealand Sacred Music group hold a Kirtan evening with us, a dinner out being played to by one of Bali’s top flute players Gus Teja and an evening with world class producer and musician Maneesh de Moor, opening our hearts to the sacred sounds within.

Music was a beautiful unexpected back ground to the retreat along with the deep and simple pleasure of being in the warmth and atmosphere of the Ubud energy. The simplicity of Raman’s guidance shows us time and time again that the world of spirit, the world of love is always present, simply waiting for us to discover the door within that opens us to this unlimited world of the Divine Soul.

Our retreats are such a humble pleasure to run, I want to thank the team at Villa Gaia, and those of you who attended. You were all so lovingly supportive of each other. Louise and Luke, your Balinese wedding on our last day was a beautiful, beautiful moment that no one will forget, may your love burn bright and forge a joyous future.

I also want to acknowledge the friends Yasmeen and I made in the wider Ubud community, you make coming to Bali a deep joy for us and a chance to fill up and not just give out. Blessings on your journey and may you find your connection with us and Raman as rewarding as ours has been with you.

We are now planning our next international excursion with Raman, so look out for us in Ubud Bali again with a Retreat called Sacred Pleasures and a Spiritual Tour with Raman in Northern India early next year.

May you know yourself as the All and the All as you.

Love Jonathan, Yasmeen and Raman

Attendee Testimonials

Thank you guys for another grand journey, your work on our behalf is truly life changing as I believe I can attest. I look forward to continuing to benefit from knowing you all and supporting the growth in your work.
Love to you all, Jeff.

Dear Trinity, so much gratitude for you all have done to support my unfoldment. No words exist to express my gratitude, will just have to use tears of happiness with all my love,

Thank you from my Heart and Soul. Your love and kindness, generosity and humanity has given me life and shown the beauty of my love. You are all so beautiful and generous and you have given me hope that I may find the courage to be myself.
Thank You, Stephen.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. Words fail to express the love and gratitude I have for you both in all that you bring. Such a fantastic magical loving retreat. Thank you for your loving care and beauty divine Goddess + God. Much love to you both.
Joanne xoxo

Yasmeen, Jonathan and Raman. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a wonderful humbling experience, one which my soul has loved to be part of. My gratitude for the wonderful work that you all do.
Love Mary xxx

Dear Jonathan, Yasmeen and Raman. Thank you for the role you’re playing to push consciousness into an era of light and love.
Much love, Zita. Xxx

Dearest Yasmeen, Raman and Jonathan.This week has been a gift to my soul and heart. It has given me permission to deeply receive and fill up on the energy that you all bought to this retreat. I Bow to you!!
Philippe xx

My Heart is beaming. Thank you. I am proud to feel it, and I am looking forward to knowing you better.

Thank you all for the growth I have received. Thank you beloved Raman as always. Thank You Yasmeen for being the clear and beautiful channel to Raman, without you there would be no Raman but also thank you for your beautiful loving presence. Thank you Jonathan I really admire your commitment to Yasmeen and to Raman. It is an inspiration.
Lucy xx

Such a beautiful collection of Souls who have attended this retreat, it was a real treat for me to share their company, surrounded and supported by the beauty & love of Mother Nature. Raman, thank you for your wisdom, love and care. Blessings, love and gratitude to you all.
Love Kathy.